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Javier Saba is a professional Stage and close-up Magician, Illusionist and mentalist now based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE. With more than 18 years of experience he is one of the most elegant, creative magician in the GCC and Asia. He does have the art of making the impossible, He is considered as one of the most innovative magicians. His performances are technically astonishing, perfectly polished and immensely entertaining, leavings his audience in disbelief.

Celebreties like Rafa Nadal, Michael Schumacher, Shakira and players of Real Madrid are on his list of spectators. Javier Saba speaks 4 languages and he also performs in Arabic. All acts are 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. The next generation of magic is here!

"Magic that will impress, entertain and amaze anyone in Abudhabi."


Javier performs many different types of shows depending on the needs of your event. His shows are not the typical magic with animals. He combines illusions and mentalism together to form the best magic of the 21st century.

  • VIP Private Events
  • Corporate entertainment
  • Product Launches & Trade Shows
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Stage Shows
  • Close-up Shows
Javier Saba Stage

Whether it be roaming and mingling or a stage magic show, in all cases Javier ensures audience participation and interaction, managing something that science says is impossible. No money can replace that feeling that causes a miracle to happen in front of your eyes. The secret is not how he gets the ball under the cup, the secret is how to make all his audiance care. Animals are not used in his performances.

Why close-up magic?

Javier Saba CloseUp

Close-up magic is getting more popular every day. Celebrity Magicians like Criss Angel, Dynamo, Shin Lim and like others do perform close-up magic. This is evident more frequently in all the Television talent shows.

Booking a good Close-Up Magician adds a unique form of entertainment to any social event, helping to break the uneasy silences and allowing your guests to interact.

Close-Up Magic is the perfect icebreaker for formal occasions, social events or just plain mix and mingle. As a one man act with a huge repertoire of magic, all the props are self contained or borrowed ready to go anywhere at anytime throughout your event. A performing area or stage is not required, the acts are performed within the audience at any moments notice.

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Why a Professional magician in Abudhabi?

The most important thing when considering booking a magician in Abudhabi is to make sure you book a professional. An amateur or part-time magician may be able to perform amazing magic but there is a lot more to it than that.

Remember that if you are hosting or organising an event, the magician you choose will reflect on you. In the same way, a professional magician who’s livelihood depends on performing regularly will look after all the small details as they are an influence to the overall success of your event.

Javier Saba at Porsche
Javier Saba CloseUp
Javier Saba at Porsche
Javier Saba at MC Donalds
Javier Saba CloseUp
Javier Saba CloseUp
Javier Saba CloseUp

5 reasons to hire Javier Saba

  • 18 years of experience
  • 50 Professional performances per year
  • Modern Performance
  • Close-up & Stage shows
  • 100% guaranteed

Ready to make your next meeting, celebration, or corporate event in Abudhabi truly magical?


Video testimonials

"Illusionist of 21st Century"
Private event in Abudhabi
"Absolutely mind-blowing!"
"Left me speechless!"
"Best Event in Gulf"
Private event in Abudhabi
"The next level of magic"


When hiring Javier Saba you’ll be getting the cream of the crop.

Javier guarantees your guests will be smiling, laughing, and enjoying the best magic ever… Or you don’t pay, It's that simple.

Javier offers this service so that you can be totally confident when hiring him to entertain your guests because he knows how important your event is and he has the experience necessary in helping make it a wow factor!

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Javier Saba

Other performances

GCC Hotels

  • W Hotel
  • Ritz Carlton
  • Mövenpick
  • St Regis
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Emirates Palace

GCC & Worldwide companies

  • Nestlé
  • Total
  • Qatar Gas
  • Thyssen Krupp
  • Santander Bank
  • Samsung
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Dubai Petroleum
  • Renault
  • AXA
  • Comercial Bank
  • Siemens
  • Chinese Embassy Dubai
  • Spanish Embassy Qatar
  • French Embassy Bahrain
  • Visa
  • Castrol

Latest sports tournaments

  • Total Open Tennis Qatar (2015)
  • World Handball Championship Qatar (2015)
  • Formula 1 Montecarlo (2013)
  • Real Madrid F.C (2012 to 2014 events)
  • Eurobasket (2014)

Live TV

  • Qatar TV
  • BeiN Sports TV
  • Al Rayyan TV
  • Canal 9 TV
  • Abu Dhabi TV
  • Canal Sur TV
Javier Saba